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Sanno Tekko is the oldest manufacturer of slitter lines in Japan, and has a track record of delivering more than 600 lines. We have developed, manufactured, and delivered slitters for cold-rolled/hot-rolled steel sheets, surface-treated/coloured/laminated steel sheets, stainless steel, aluminum, wrought copper products, clad materials, and many other metal materials.
In particular, our slitter lines for electromagnetic steel sheets are used by major processing centers, including steel center companies designated by Nippon Steel Corporation and JFE Steel Corporation, with an overwhelming share of the market.
Our slitter line equipped with our unique "high quality slitter stand" and "Non-scratch MD roll tension device" has been highly evaluated in the market. Our company is a manufacturer specializing in slitter lines, and we have many achievements in partial renewal, modification, maintenance and repair of other companies' slitter lines. Please feel free to contact us for any problems with slitters.


  • We have a line-up of MD roll tension devices that do not generate scratches/heat and are compatible with energy-saving high-speed operation.

  • To improve slitting quality, we have a line-up of highly durable expansion/reduction grinding shafts that can grind the cutter blade by eliminating the gap between the inner diameter of the cutter blade and the cutter shaft by hydraulic expansion/reduction.

  • We will propose automation and modification of existing slitter lines. Please feel free to contact us. (automatic blade assembly/automatic separator/automatic coil setting/tension device/renewal of slitter stand, etc.)